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We can fix your damaged teeth using natural looking dental restorations.

As a family dentist in Franklin, TN, we can keep your family in good oral health.

Visit our general dentist office for an innovative approach and modern solutions.

We provide beautiful porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your smile.

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At New Image Dentistry we restore damaged teeth, complete stunning smile makeovers, and can keep your family in excellent oral health – all from our modern and compassionate dental office. As a cosmetic dentist, we use a variety of high-tech solutions to improve the health and appearance of teeth. When combined with sedation dentistry, we can address all of our patients oral health care needs both comfortably and efficiently from our Franklin general dentist office. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Franklin, TN, you can count on us to complete a stunning smile makeover or restoration so that your smile can look both beautiful and natural.

When completing dental restorations we use a variety of techniques, including porcelain dental veneers and crowns, to repair teeth that have been cracked or chipped. If teeth have fallen out, we can use dental implants to replace them in a way that looks both natural and durable. By offering teeth whitening, we can ensure that the rest of your teeth look as bright and beautiful as your restoration will, for a gorgeous and uniform smile. If, however, your teeth are crooked, you may want to combine these procedures with wearing clear aligners – something we provide as an Invisalign® dentist.

In our family dentist office, we also provide preventative health care and treat cavities and infections as they arise. While regular checkups can typically prevent sudden discomfort, if you find yourself in this situation or with a damaged tooth, we are also an emergency dentist office and can treat you right away.

Whether you are looking for teeth whitening in Franklin, TN, a sedation dentist or a full smile makeover – we can help you to look and feel your very best. To schedule a consultation or dental exam, call our dentist office at 615-526-2492.

Porcelain dental veneers and dental implants can complete your smile makeover! Call 615-526-2492 Today!